February, 2010

These pictures are small format, due to a malfunctioning camera operator.

Vineyards in Cafayete


Wine tasted here wasn't very good. Speculation was that the vineyard produces better quality, but doesn't want to squander it on tourists...silly PR move in my humble estimation.

At first Argentine wine tasted salty to me, but I grew to like it, especially the Torrentes grape.

Grand Canyonesque scenery
and broad valleys go on for miles


Erosion has made some spectacular designs over the ages. The potential for continuing erosion in less grandiose settings was driven home en route back to Salta, as heavy rains had our minibus splashing through water 10-12 inches deep. Water funnels to the base of the valley where the roads are. Needless to say, the trip lasted alonger than predicted.

Huge lakes like this are not a common site.

I snoozed not once on the bus, which is highly unusual. It must have been the coca leaves the guide passed around on the way back. She said that people in high altitudes use it to create more oxygen. Argentinean law forbids growing them, but one is entitled to have up to 500 grams on one's person. I didn't get a buzz, probably since I chewed only a few leaves - not enough to create the chipmunk-like stuffed cheek you see on locals.


At right:
I was fascinated by the ornate
skirts on crucifixion statues.


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