Lamu - how we got there - December/03

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Our day on the island of Lamu started with a van ride to Malindi airport, then a half-hour propeller plane to a neighboring island, then a boat ride to Lamu itself. Little boys dive over and around the boat taxis that pull into port. Many streets are so narrow, you can't walk side by side. Since there are no cars, this is not a problem. Other than feet, donkeys are the main mode of transportation. They roam at will around the town, so watch where you step.

The heat can be life threatening. We took refuge under a museum roof and got to know the island's history from when Vasco da Gama discovered it. After a torturous walk in the heat we ducked into a hotel with a fan and seafront breeze for lunch. Then, another walk to the main mosque and market area with our very insistant guide (you learn it's easier to agree to have one accompany you; they don't take no for an answer). Then back to the port to people watch and wait for our boat to the plane to the van. Again, rarely seen are other than experienced travelers....a good sign it's worth it.